The Original Saga
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date Apr. 2, 1996
Written by John Leekly
Directed by Peter Medak
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Prince of the City

The Original Saga is the first episode of Season 1


Julian Luna is the Prince of San Francisco, at least to those of his kind--the Kindred (vampires) of the Masquerade. It is Julian's job to keep the secret of the Masquerade from the human world, to keep peace between the clans of the Kindred, and to punish those vampires who break the rules. He is Ventrue, and he is the law, the judge, the jury, and the executioner of those who don't comply.

While being Prince of the City has its benefits, it also has its problems. At the moment, the slaying of Julian's bodyguard, Gangrel Stevie Ray, is causing headaches. It appears that it was Brujah who splayed Stevie Ray out on a rooftop, staked him in the heart, and left him to burn up in the sun. Just as problematic is that the entire destruction was witnessed by Detectives Frank Kohanek and his partner, Sonny Toussaint. To top it all off, Stevie Ray's body has been taken to the morgue where the coroner is investigating his spontaneous combustion. Fortunately, Nosferatu Daedalus kills the coroner and returns the body to Masquerade custody before anything is learned.

Julian calls a meeting with all the clan leaders. Eddie Fiori, is warned not to wage war against the Gangrel clan, now represented by Cash. Julian's longtime girlfriend, Toreador Lillie Langtry, makes it known that she thinks Julian's old girlfriend, Toreador Alexandra Serris, is posing a major threat to the Masquerade. Alexandra has fallen in love with Frank Kohanek, and she has revealed herself to him. As Prince of the city, Julian has a hard decision to make. He orders a final death for Alexandra but, before she dies, she makes him vow to protect Kohanek's life.

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