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Lillie Langtry
Species Vampire
Occupation Owner of The Haven
Place of Origin
First Appearance The Original Saga
Last Appearance Cabin in the Woods
Actor Stacey Haiduk
Status Undead

Lillie Langtry is a main character in the television series Kindred. She is portrayed by Stacey Haiduk.

Lillie Langtry was a vampire of the Toreador Clan and served as Clan Primogen in San Francisco. She was the owner of a night club called The Haven and served as a close confidante to Prince Julian Luna. Lillie and Julian were once romantically involved with one another, but Lillie never got over him. An exceedingly jealous woman, she couldn't stand to see Julian pining for the affection of other women such as Alexandra Serris and Caitlin Byrne. To counter this growing hole in her heart, Lillie sought to appease her own loneliness through one of her progeny, Zane.

Episode 1[]

Lillie is suspicious of Eddie Fiori being behind of Stevie Rays murder and comes to the conclusion that not telling Julian Luna serves her better.

She witnesses Luna choosing Cash as his new bodyguard and advises Luna to open a bloodhunt on Alexandra Serris who she is jealous of.

Episode 2[]

After having an intimate session with Julian she meets with Caitlin Byrne. She is immediately suspicious of her. Later that night after seeing the evidence of Nino Dorelli murdering Boyle she votes for the execution of Dorelli but is against killing Eddie Fiori