Julian Luna
Species Vampire
Occupation Prince of San Francisco
Age 129
Place of Origin
Relatives Sasha
First Appearance The Original Saga
Last Appearance Cabin in the Woods
Actor Mark Frankel
Status Undead

Julian Luna is the main protagonist in the television series Kindred. He is portrayed by Mark Frankel.

Episode 1Edit

In The Original Saga Julian is deeply stricken by the death of his bodyguard, the gangrel Stevie Ray. Unaware that the murder was commited by Eddie Fiori Julian taps in the dark on Stevies murder and has to find a replacement for Ray as well. His choice falls on Cash who agrees to take Lunas side as his bodyguard.

As Julians grandchild dies he is attending the funeral and apologizes to his deceased wifes grave. During the ceremony he meets Sasha. Unaware that he is actually her grandfathers father Sasha is introduced to Julian as her distant uncle.

After giving Sasha a home in San Francisco by his side he also needs to deal with problems in his midst: his friend and advisor Lillie Langtry is worried that Alexandra Serris, Julians ex girlfriend, is responsible for Stevies death. She blames Alexandras relationship to Det. Frank Kohanek while it's actually her jealousy that is driving her. After being advised by Archon and Daedalus Julian decides to open a blood hunt for Alexandra.

Heartbroken he tells Alexandra about his decision and gives her a headstart. After Alexandras death, he meets Kohanek in Alexandras garden and after giving his consolences is shot by Kohanek who finds proof for the existence of vampires after seeing that Julians wounds heal immediately after.

Episode 2Edit

After showing interesst in Caitlin Byrne he is called by Det. Frank Kohanek who gives him reasons as to why Eddie Fiori isn't just a danger to humans but also to vampires, yet Julien needs evidence directly pointing at Eddie.

He gets closer with Caitlin that night and even walks in the sunlight to drop her of her suspicion.

During the trial agains Nino Dorelli he is obviously pining on also executing Eddie Fiori but is shot down by there being a tie in the votes.