Frank Kohanek
Species Human
Occupation Detective
Place of Origin
First Appearance The Original Saga
Last Appearance Cabin in the Woods
Actor C. Thomas Howell
Status Alive

Frank Kohanek is a main character in the television series Kindred. He is portrayed by C. Thomas Howell.

Episode 1Edit

Alongside his partner Sonny Toussaint he witnesses Stevie Ray being murdered by Eddie Fiori and a unknown Brujah. After Stevies corpse bruned up the seed of doubt about vampires not existing is layed. 

After bringing the corpse to the coroner he goes on a date with his girlfriend Alexandra Serris, they're discussing the danger of being seen together since her ex boyfriend Julian Luna has eyes everywhere. Frank sees Julian as merely a bitter ex boyfriend at first. The very same night he finds out about Alexandras outworldish nature.

His investigations come to a halt as the coroner is murdered by Daedalus and Stevies body is taken.

In the end Frank sees Alexandra burning and falling to her death, obviously having come to the realisation that vampires are real he decides to hunt down Julian who is more than willing to meet him and explain the situation to him. After coming to his mind again he lets up from the plan of killing Luna and goes his way.

That night he is contacted by a unknown caller that gives him leads on Julians trail.

Episode 2Edit

Sonny and Frank are called to a briefing with Lt. Kwan, they disucss how to bring Eddie Fiori to reveal his criminal activities and bribery. They decide to use Boyle as an informant and wire him.

Unfortunately Eddie smells the becon and makes Nino Dorelli murder Boyle, before leaving Eddie threatens Frank.

Seeking help he turns to Julian who asks him to find proof of Eddies guilt to bring him to Kindred justice.

In the end Nino Dorelli plans to turn Frank, fortunately he's been warned by Sonny beforehand and shoots Nino evectively killing him.

Episode 3Edit

Frank is investigating in the Nightstalker murders and is ordered to protect Elaine Robb who thinks that she has been attacked by the killer. 

Upon arriving at the Haven he doesen't seem to recognise the officer who turns out to be Starkweather, the actual killer. Starkweather tries to hang Frank but is killed by Julian before he can finish the job.

Episode 4Edit

Frank is investigating in the case of a murdered doctor who turned out to have been a vampire that fed on his patients against kindred law. 

Daedalus tries to kill Frank in his anger about never having a child on his own but is stopped by the Boy he took care off and Sonny.