Alexandra Serris
Species Vampire
Place of Origin
Relatives Det. Frank Kohanek (boyfried)
Julian Luna (ex-boyfriend)
First Appearance The Original Saga
Last Appearance The Original Saga
Actor Kate Vernon
Status Unknown

Alexandra Serris was a minor character in the television series Kindred. She was portrayed by Kate Vernon.

Episode 1Edit

Alexandra is seen dating Det. Frank Kohanek but is afraid of her ex Julian Luna finding out and fearing that she would tell Frank about her being a vampire.

She does reveal her vampirism to Frank later on. Lillie Langtry uses Alexandras former relationship with Julian to force Julian to open a bloodhunt on her. He does so but tells Alexandra beforehand to give her a heads start.

Her throat is slit by Daedalus and she falls to her death before Franks eyes. 

Wether she died or not is unknown since she is seen opening her eyes in a deleted scene. Wether this scene is canon or not is unknown.